A Scheepers Invasion

The Scheepers have landed in Louis Trichardt and will be invading the Kernodle household until the 16th of April! Along with the Hofmyer girls of course.

My parents moved to SA in August of 2009 after a visit from my mom that June. During her visit Della Mae was only three months old and I was busy planning our wedding. After my mom returned home she convinced my dad to leave everything behind and move to SA to be closer to my sister and I. Seeing as they were semi-retired and my dad has an obsession with hunting, it didn’t take too much convincing to get him here.

They moved to Louis Trichardt, close to where Amanda lives with her family. LT is a small little town roughly four hours north of Pretoria, where we live. And by small, I mean small. Like 20 stop light small. Amanda lives even further on a farm, over the mountain the people say.

These next few weeks Amanda and Della Mae will also staying at my parents. It’s so nice to spend time with Della Mae and get to know her. Hopefully she will remember us the next time we visit… DM has really surprised me this week. Not only is her vocabulary impressive, but she hasn’t been that jealous of Ava and has been a big help. I really thought she would be a lot more jealous seeing that she is normally the center of attention in the Kernodle household. DM has been helping me bath Ava and will get her towel ready. I will lay out three outfits and she chooses which one Ava will wear that day. She hands me a diaper during changes. DM will even rub Ava’s head while I rock her to sleep. One thing I need to remember is to close the lotion or it will be all over her, Ava and the room if I’m not careful. By my observations, Della Mae is going to be a great big sister and a really big help to her mommy. I can’t wait to see her in action with Lily, Izzy, Isabella or Jane. What’s her name going to be Amanda?!? We’re all dying to know.

I’ve been busier than normal this week. Dad and I made two types of ice cream. Pecan and Banana, which was amazing and tasted a bit like banana nut bread. And Peach, with homemade canned Peaches from JW’s mother. Both were Delicious. With a capital D! Skip says they were too sweet, but isn’t ice cream supposed to be sweet? He is South African, so what does he know about ice cream? Wink, wink. Mom and I have been busy sewing for Ava. Amanda made a Quite Book for Della Mae that is just too cute. So, I am trying to make one for Ava. Also working on a dress for her. All will mom’s help of course. Will let you know how they turn out.

Here are some pics from around the house this week.

Love this one.

This is what happens when you let Daddy dress your little girl.

Fresh lettuce outside the back door for fresh salad every night.

Grandma and Ava

BEWARE! These chickens attack! Ask Della Mae

A few chili’s growing in Dad’s garden.

Clive, the pet crow.

The dog and cat have a love hate relationship.

A few of the birds in their atrium.

Della and her meow.

These plants remind of something out of Avatar. They are huge.

I call this the camouflage tree.

Grandma holding her two little girls.

Hello baby.

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