Easter Sunday

What better way is there to spend Easter than with your family, marveling at God’s amazing handy work?

Skip, Ava and I, along with my parents and brother spent Easter Sunday driving along the Panorama Route, in Mpumalanga, a province here in South Africa. I don’t have many words for what we saw. And I promise the pictures below don’t do the area any justice. You will just have to come visit us and see for yourself. Absolutely amazing.

Good morning sunshine! 

Uncle Jimmy

The boys stocking up on some biltong for the trip. 

My super hot husband!

Grandpa and Grandma doing what they do best, shopping!!

Mac-Mac Falls

Ava and her Grandma

“Whatchu lookin’ at Willis?” 

Our little family!

The Pinnacle  

God’s Window

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

She loves to look at her daddy.

Almost home!

My big brother is in town for the next two weeks. I told the Skipper I feel like a vulture every time someone lands from America. I circle around their suitcase like a vulture waiting to feast on it’s meal. When Natalie was here, it was the same. Surprise gifts from friends and family. Lots of clothes and books for Ava. Toys and sunglasses. A new bird house. And like always, an awesome care package from Stacy. Who knew you could get so excited over plastic cups? With Jimmy, our new “fancy” camera and my double Medela pump! Thank you Medela for giving me back a mere 30 minutes of my life, here and there. A pair of Rainbows! Can’t buy those here in SA and we can’t live without them.  Plus eye contacts for a year! Pays to know the doctor personally.

More importantly than the gifts, of course, is having Jim here. His energy is invigorating and his humor and wit, delightful. It’s a shame we live so far away. But we’ve made a pack to get all the cousins together for vacations. I wonder what Ava’s accent will sound like? Southern American like her mom or Southern Africa like her dad? Will little Lucien think she sounds funny? Will he sound funny to her? I like day dreaming about them playing together, along with Della Mae and Isabella. Bailey will be hanging with the adults of course, I mean, she’s more mature than some of us…

This beautiful country, my gorgeous Ava, the love I share with my husband, and bond I have with my family is all proof of God’s grace. And for that, I am the utmost grateful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Oh Blair, It is absolutely amazing that you are doing this blog:) It makes me feel like I'm am with you even if I am over 18 hours on a plane away:):) I miss you soooo much and reading thiese blogs makes me home sick and I don't even live in Africa<3 I wish you didn't live so far… I want to call you on the phone right now and just talk for hours… So much to talk about:) I know it sounds cheesey but I felt like you when I read this blog it made me cry… I think you should dedicate a blog to me and all the great times we had growing up together… I miss you so much:):) Love you BIG SIS<3

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