Today is Awesome


I saw this print on Etsy’s Facebook page on Wednesday. The artist’s description says, “Today is awesome. Say it twice and you can feel it happening!”. 

It totally works! I’ve been repeating that mantra in my head all week and it completely changes my attitude. My smile is a bit brighter. My step, a bit lighter. These long, busy days at work, not so bad. Freezing weather, awesome.

Imagine if everyone repeated, Today is Awesome, twice a day? The world would be such a better place. Try it and let me know how it works!

Last weekend the Scheepers’ had a lazy weekend at home. It was nice, but not my normal cup of tea. Here is my Bucket List for the weekend ahead:

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  • Cook at least one dish from my new cookbook, Notes From My Kitchen Tablean awesome bday gift.
  • Take a hike – like a real hike, on a mountain or hill.
  • Learn how to use our new (bought in March) Nikon D3100 – so I can become a professional, not.
  • Read, at least to chapter 3, of Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail I want to sound more intelligent at my upcoming work event.



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