Left Behind

I just put my grandmother Kernodle on a flight back to the US. She has been here for a month now. Two weeks with me, two weeks at my sister’s house. When she was with me, I was super busy with work and didn’t get to see her much. Just knowing she was spending the days with Ava was enough. Grandma is 86 going on 70. You wouldn’t believe her age if she told you, she is so busy all the time. I know I’ll see her again. Her and my grandmother Thomasson. They’ll both be there when I get home next December. I know it. Knowing, doesn’t make it easier to say goodbye.

When I decided to move to South Africa, I honestly didn’t think I would stay long. Neither did my family and friends. We all thought I’d come over for a year or so, travel around, then come home. A short adventure that turned into four years, and counting. 
At 25, I was heading out on my own adventure, not thinking of what I was leaving behind. Not thinking about the people whose routines would stay the same, just without me. Never realizing the emptiness felt by those I left behind. 
Johan’s older brother Charl and his wife moved to New Zealand this time last year. For those of you who don’t know, it’s freaking far from South Africa. Like really far. Plus the time change is super annoying compared to America. They are going to sleep when we wake up. 
When they moved, only then did I realize what it felt like to get left. For someone to embark on their own adventure, without you. Every Tuesday night we eat dinner at Johan’s parents house. All the kids and their kids. It’s a bit chaotic, but it’s so wonderful. Every Tuesday night, we are reminded that Charl and Lee are far away. It’s become the norm now, but it doesn’t make it easier. 
They are home now for a short visit. His first since the move. She’s pregnant and super cute, of course. Due the same day I was due with Ava. Their having a boy. I don’t know when we will get to meet him, as we don’t have any plans to visit them and they haven’t planned further than this trip. So I am left to day dreaming about him and little Ava, defending themselves against the other Scheepers’ trio. 
We will all be together one day, I know it. 
Newest addiction, other than my iPad, Instagram. Love it. 
Della Mae behaving!

Playing by herself

Ava behaving!

Dear Apple,
Please put a better camera on the next iPad.
Blair Scheepers
Ava Lou, I love you!
Me, Grandma and Ava
My loves

MIL and Lee

Ava and her Oom Charl

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