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By now you all know I an internetaholic and my iPad only fuels my addiction. Lucky for you, I spend loads of time on the net finding cool stuff, so you don’t have to. Here’s my latest web obsessions.

Skirt.com sends out The Daily Muse emails, well daily. It’s a short email, one picture of a cool new product or idea with a brief description and a link to said products site. Actually, to Skirt.com and then to the products main page.  Skirt.com is geared toward women and offers lots of blogs and loads of other interesting articles on their site. Plus giveways, which I love. Unfortunately, I am in South Africa and can’t really participate as much as I would like. I wish South Africa had an online community and magazine just for women like Skirt, a place where they can connect to each other and find out about events going on around the country. Maybe we should start one… Anyone interested?

Anyway, I am a huge fan of my The Daily Muse emails, even if they are daily. Sign up for yours here.

A few of their latest, and my favorite.

What a Croc!

Let’s face it – when we hear the word “Croc” one’s fashion muse usually does not come-a-callin’. But theses rain boot Crocs inspired by classic Wellies are an entirely different story!
~ The Daily Muse

*I mean baby Croc rain boots. Yes, please…

Proud as a Peacock

Clutch a little flair for the New Year with this fabulous Cascading Peacock Clutch Purse from Mermaid’s Dream and bring in 2012 with pride.
~ The Daily Muse

*Anything peacock I just love and this clutch is fabulous.

A Little Birdie Told Me

Let Anthropologie’s Woodpecker Knocker announce that your guests have arrived in playful style.
~ The Daily Muse

* Okay, I love all thing birds, see here and here. And all things Anthropologie, see here. By the way, have you seen their iPad app? My friend Mia introduced us. Plain torture for those living outside the United States. Check it out here.

Coffee Mate

If you’ve ever burned your tongue with a cup of coffee, then used it to cool the burn minutes later, you need to know about Coffee Joulies.
Filled with a special phase change material, they absorb the heat and release it back as the coffee cools keeping it just right.
An idea so hot, it’s cool.
~ The Daily Muse

*These little guys would make a perfect gift for any coffee lover or husband who likes gadgets, like mine.

Valentine’s Day is roughly a month away. I keep wondering if Ava’s classmates are too small to receive Valentines or if they even celebrate the holiday at school. I keep forgetting to ask her teacher. I think I am just going to send some anyway. I am so excited about helping Ava make Valentines, I just can’t wait until she is older and we can make them together.

Look at these awesome V Day cards from Modern Parents Messy Kids, the best site to go for crafts for children. A healthier option than candy and a way to teach children about the different animals.

DIY Animal Herd Valentines

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you must have Instagram. If you have Instagram, then you must check out StickyGram. For $14.99, worldwide shipping included, (I mean just make it $15 folks) they turn 9 of your Instagram photos into magnets. How cool is this? My only issue is deciding which 9 Instagram photos to have printed. I love them all so much.

Instagram love
Instragram all time favorite.

Oh Pinterest, thank you for changing my internet experience and taking bookmarking pages to a new level. My obsession for Pinterest is as strong as ever. When we first met in September, I didn’t realize how much joy you would bring to my life. Please, please update your lame iPhone app to a really awesome iPad app!

Follow Me on Pinterest

Just recently I have come across a quite a few crafts using paint swatches. Great ideas that I can’t believe I never thought of. Hehe. Check these out:


You can also check out Broke and Healthy’s50 fun things to do with paint chips. Super cool projects.

Happy Surfing!


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2 thoughts on “Web Obsessions

  1. What wonderful finds! My boys have crocs snow boots and I love them! I really must have that birdie door knocker- it’s lovely, and instagram and pinterest are 2 of my favourite things. So nice to have found you through SITS. xx Jenny

    • Hi Jenny! It’s so nice to meet new people, especially ex-pats like myself! It’s nice living in a foreign country, making every day feel like a new adventure. Looking forward to following your journey on along the yellow brick road!

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