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Since moving Blairadise from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve looked for ways to improve not only the site, but the content as well. So I started searching the web for help. Not too long after, I stumbled across an amazing community, The SITS Girls. It was perfect timing as they were about to start their SITS 31 Days to a Better Blog workshop.

Honestly, I did not know what I was signing up for. Nor did I realize all the amazing new friends I would meet within the first week! All blogs that I can totally relate to. Whether they write about parenting, living abroad, living in South Africa or just plain funny chicks.

There are so many that I want to share with you over the next few weeks. Without further ado, let me introduce you to a few (quite a few, but I just couldn’t decide) of these fine ladies.


On day 3 we had to find Blogger Buddies. I felt like the new girl at school, hoping someone would like me. And there she was, Natalie @ Four Jedis, my first friend through SITS. We have lots in common. After college she lived in South Africa, but now lives in Wilmington. During college I lived in Wilmington, but now live in South Africa. Funny, no? Check her out here. Plus, she makes up funny songs.





Another new blogging buddy, Angie. I knew we would be friends when I read her profile on Twitter, “blogger at The Kids Are Alright, Mom to toddler, social networker, diyer, hostest with the mostest, gen y-er, do-gooder, and beer drinker”. And beer drinker!! Yes, ma’am. I actually struggle with my love for beer as the ladies here in South Africa do NOT drink beer. Any who, Angie is awesome and has since introduced me to a few other great bloggers. Plus, her site The Kids Are Alight is a must.





Meet Nicole @ Moments That Define Life, she’s one of our fearless leaders in the beginners group on #SITS31DBB. I am throughly enjoying her Tuesday feature, Linkable Life. I have a lot to learn from Nicole and can’t wait.





Don’t you just love the name ScooterMarie?? Find out where it comes from here. I enjoy Jocelyn’s blog because she is a first time mom (like me!), who works full time (like me!). She’s pretty hilarious and writes poems that I totally relate to. Read this post, A Whole New (Messy) Vocabulary. Very entertaining.


Pam @ It’s Time For More Coffee, she is really honest and equally as funny. Check out her post on Mom Fails. I know a thing or two about those, all mother’s do. But there are only a few who will admit it.

Another cute mommy, working full time, pinner on Pinterest and still has time to write interesting posts. Meet Carrie @ Get Carried Away. Super jealous of her B4 #SITSDBBB post. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh well, can’t wait to see her stats at the end of this journey.

Then there is GiGi @ Being Agent Mom. A hard working mamma, who is busy managing the careers of her two kids, Ty, a DJ and Brandi, a scene girl. You go girl! Give me a few years and I’ll be sending Ava your way. I just know she is going to be famous, plus mamma wants to travel the world in a private jet.

This sweet southern girl lives with her family down on a farm in Arkansas. She’s juggling a farm, finishing school and motherhood. Her posts are nothing short of inspiration for the rest of us. Check out Ashley @ The Ederington Family blog.

This women, wow. She cooks, crafts (and gets paid for it), studies, mothers, writes and is funny. Really? Yeah, I am jealous. Frenchell @ TheDowntownAbbey, is another must read. Her post about taking the family to a hotel for the night was hilarious, read it here.

Meet Megan @ All Things New. She blogs about life, love, her family and most importantly her faith in God. I really like her.

These three ladies below are all expats like myself. One on a farm in South Africa, one that “does research on development interventions” in Kenya, and the other following the yellow brick road. Each of these ladies are living adventurous lives, to say the least.

Corinne @ Chrysalis Farm – South Africa – Who doesn’t know it yet, but I am coming to visit!

Kim @ Mama Mzungu – Kenya – Who doesn’t know it yet, but I also want to visit!

Jenny @ the Yellow Brick Road – UK – Who doesn’t know it yet, but I want to tag along on one of her trips!

And last, but not least:

For the computer/gamer nerd/junkie in me, I am so glad I found PJ Gamers. Check them out for all your latest reviews on games, toys, books and movies. Already found a few new apps for my iPad.

Look out for more exciting blogs to come in the weeks to follow.

Happy Wednesday! Ava’s birthday is just around the corner! Woo hoo!



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2 thoughts on “Web Obsessions

  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list! I love how this SITS challenge has introduced me to so many great new girls, such as yourself. 🙂

  2. Thanks for including me! I need to do a list of some of my new favorite online hotspots soon. Was planning on it last week but had to leave town. Hope your week is going well!

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