Life Update

It seems as if my baby girl has morphed into full blown toddler overnight.

She took a few steps the week of her birthday, but is now running around the house, getting into everything. Just when you think your kid can’t get any more cute, wait until they start walking.

Her new love is the shower. If Johan is out of town, I have to put Ava in the bathtub (empty, of course) while I shower or I have to keep one hand on the door, locking her out. Once you’ve gotten out of the shower, she crawls right in. This morning, Johan was in the shower and Ava was just dying to get in. I couldn’t get her clothes and diaper off fast enough. She stood there, jumping up and down, borderline tantrum. When she was ready, she opened the door and stepped in, all by herself, it was all just too cute. I laughed so hard, I cried. Not sure if they were actual tears of joy or sadness that my little is so big.

Ava is also talking up a storm. Mostly mama, dada, tata and a lot of babbling. This weekend she said, kyk daar (look there), then myne (mine). She’s speaking Afrikaans… It’s hard for me to digest that my child speaks a different language from me. Another rude awakening that she spends more time at school, then with me. Insert tears. I know the English will also come, and one day she will be fully bilingual, but right now it’s a bit hard.

Through every stage of Ava’s life, I think to myself, this is the time of our lives. Right now, she is the cutest she has ever been. She’s growing up so fast, but I guess that’s life. Just glad we are living in it and not letting it pass us by.

a bit blurry, taken on my Blackberry and it's hard to get this one to stay still for a picture these days.

Also from my Blackberry. Really need an iphone...

We had a great weekend. I did a few crafts. Johan bought more fish for his tank. Last minute we had friends over for dinner on Friday! Went to a braai (cookout) on Saturday with friends we haven’t seen in a while. Then just relaxed around the house the rest of the time. Close to perfect, if you ask me.

I told you about my new favorite website, Two Delighted, the other day on my Web Obsessions. Well on Thursday, they posted instructions on how to make a Ribbon Sign. It was gorgeous and I just had to have one for Ava. For instructions, go here to their site.

 Two Delighted’s sign:


Ava’s sign, which I love!!

I also decided that I wanted to make a wreath, so I started searching Pinterest for ideas. Here’s what I found:

Source: via Blair on Pinterest


In true South African style, I went to the “craft” store and of course, they didn’t have  a blank wreath, yarn or felt. So my ideas were shot and I had to come up with something else. So, I grabbed a styrofoam S, some moss, glue gun and went to town. Once complete, Johan told me they both looked better than he had expected. Haha. Thanks, lovie.

Our new wreath:


I’ve just started Heaven is for Real, I’ll let you know how it is.

Have a good week!


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7 thoughts on “Life Update

    • @MeganTwodelighted Thankfully, since my post a friend has told me about a better shop. Hoping to go this week and scout it out. I am sure it won’t come close to a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but my fingers are crossed.

  1. That is so funny how Ava loves the shower. D does the same thing – if one of us is in the shower she has to be lifted up over the curtain so she can see and giggle at whoever’s in there. Or be lifted to the side to peek around the curtain. Too cute!

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