5 Things You Couldn’t Live Without

I skipped last week’s Listable Life with Moments that Define Line, but am back on board this week for 5 Things You Couldn’t Live Without.

Here we go:

1. MacBook – I am a huge lover of all things Apple. At the moment my MacBook, which is property of my company, but shall we ever part ways, the first thing I would do is go out and buy another Apple computer, as I just could not live a day without it.

photo from 2009. old house, different company computer - but still a Mac

2. iPad2 – I would like to thank Blackberry for my iPad2, as if I had not won the Playbook on their Facebook page, and my technology crazed boss had not bought said Playbook, I wold probably be without my best fri, I mean, an iPad. It’s a huge time waster as I get sucked into the catalog app, full of stuff they will never ship me, nor can I afford. Or playing games, yes, at almost 30 I still love playing games. And damn you Amazon for not asking me for my password when purchasing a book. I need that time to second guess my decision.

Instagram Love

3. My copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexander Dumas – This is my all time favorite book, which I have read at least four times. It was so special, it made the move to South Africa. Not that it is a first edition or anything, I just love knowing that my mom first bought it for my oldest sister and it was passed all the way down to me. I like to imagine that both my sisters read it and loved it as much as I did (but I know they aren’t readers like me). I can’t wait for the day Ava opens this book and gets to unlock it’s magic. Yes, it is about revenge, but it’s so much more than that. So much more.

4. Voluminous Mascara by L’Oréal- I think it was around 2001 when a friend, Paige introduced me to the mascara I will use for the rest of my life… I wake up, wash my face, put in contacts and boom, mascara is on. This is also one item I’d wish for on a deserted island. Really. You can read all about the day I forgot to put on make-up before work here. In my defense, I was 37 weeks pregnant… That’s why my face is so fat and broken out.

me sans mascara.

5. Is Social Media a thing? – Being so far from my family and friends, I don’t think I could live without Skype or Facebook. I don’t think I would make it to work alive without Twitter, for it’s real time traffic updates and for when FB runs out of new stories. I don’t text and drive, wait, that’s a lie. I don’t text or FB while the car is actually moving, but if I am sitting dead still on the highway you can bet money I am on some sort of social media platform.

My Facebook profile pic at this time

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8 thoughts on “5 Things You Couldn’t Live Without

  1. I can’t live without my Mac either. It’s with me almost all of the time. And, admittedly, I am always looking at my phone when the stoplights are red. My daughter has busted me a couple of times for looking at my phone. I have to stop because how will I tell her when she’s driving not to text and drive? It’s a total “do as I say, not as i do” situation. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  2. I’m a PC gal, but I can’t live w/o my laptop. I couldn’t even work if I didn’t have it so it’s definitely a necessity! As is my iPad. Even though I have to beg it off my children most days. Loved the Count of Monte Cristo too. It’s actually the exact book that got me back into reading after college!

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