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Blairadise loves a good giveaway. I sign up for most of the ones I stumble across, even the ones that say to US residents only. I feel if I win, I can always give it to my older sister Natalie.

Back in July, I had my one and only giveaway on here. It was for a lucylucybangbang dish towel. If you haven’t bought one for yourself, you must do so now!

Any who, this year I plan to do more giveaways, as I personally love them. Just need the perfect items and sponsors.

It seems there are tons of giveaways all over the net. If you aren’t signing up, you are missing out. Here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

I love my favorite South African sites, seems there are always posting awesome giveaways.
Good luck if you choose to enter any of these fabulous giveaways. Don’t forget who told you about them if you win. Hint, hint.

Happy Wednesday!!



5 thoughts on “Web Obsessions – Giveaways

  1. I am really lucky with a lot of things, but giveaways is not one of them. I never win. I will however partake in those adorable lucy lucy dish towels. How are they not in my life already???

  2. OOOH good finds! I love a good giveaway too! I try and only sign up for ones things I can actually use, rather than just signing up for something in hopes of getting something for free, but do fall into that trap often! 🙂

  3. I’ve had two giveaways on my blog for things I’ve made (beadwoven jewelry) and we could always pool resources! I’m gonna check out the SA links you posted too.

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