Every day is the best day!

A1_EveryDayA new year is coming, but today is the BEST day!

If 2015 is anything like 2014, bring it. I started 2014 a bit glooming and good news changed me. Imagine if I had accepted life as God planned it and been happy? Good news would have just made me happier?!?!

My “New year, new me“, for this year isn’t changing from last year. This year, I still just want to read lots of books and be happy and do lots of things which make me happier. Happy is the theme, get it?

Happiness is being present. Put down my phone and jump in the pool with Ava. Who cares if my mascara is running all over my face? No one else cares, why should I?

I’m over weight, not for everyone, but for me, I am. For the first time in years, depression isn’t keeping me out of my bathing suit or the pool. I am sick of sitting on the side.

I am full of baby weight, cake and beer. Here I am. Same bathing suit you’ve seen me in for the last four years. But I am here, living life. Soaking up my time off work and pretending to be a dolphin and carrying Princess Ava all around the pool. Finding magical combs and fighting off gigantic snakes (pool cleaners).

I’ve spent lots of money on face cream, yet it, my sunscreen and years of tanning beds have let me down. My freckles are already in full force and I have yet to hit the beach. But I love the sun. Next purchase will be a hat and some tanning lotion. Don’t tell Johan. 😉

For me, 2014 has been a year to remember. First things first, Jake. Wow! Way to make an entry, dude! You’ve rocked our world in the very best of ways!

Oh Ava, 3. 3 is the best year ever. Johan says I say that about every year, and I do, but 3! At 3 she found her imagination and friends.  It makes me happy when you ask to play with friends and our family. When you miss Ouma and Grandma. Keira, Christiaan, Tannie Mia and Aunt Amanda. Isabella and Della Mae. Miya, Nikki and small Hannu.

Poor Grandma… Ava thinks you make everything! The fish tank, mermaid tails, pancakes, and all cookies… Sorry, Grandpa. We all know you make the pancakes…

This year Ava’s teacher told us, ” She’s not an artist, she’s an actress.” I believe her. Famous one day or not, you are a star in my eyes! Oh, but the stories you tell.

I am pretty sure (betting on it) that you are going to be famous one day!

Right now, today, is the best day of my life and I know, no matter what tomorrow brings, it will be even better. I have God, love and hope. That is what life is all about.





One thought on “Every day is the best day!

  1. Love that I woke up today to a new Blairadise post! I also love all the good vibes you are putting out. They look great on you!!! Lets talk about these skin habits. I swear by Retin A, Botox, higher end skin products, sunscreen, and a hat! We are getting older so we need to start preserving our sexy. The earlier the better!

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