The Scheepers – May 2015


Wow, 2015 is really flying by. I honestly cannot believe I haven’t blogged once this year! I am not even sure I know how to anymore.

Here’s a quick update on what I should have been blogging about…

Ava turned 4 in January. I will try and do a big birthday post for her, as I missed this year and last year. Last year I didn’t blog on purpose because I looked terrible, but thankfully we came to find out I was just pregnant with Jake!

My parents moved back to America at the end of February, which I didn’t realise would be so tough on my sister and I. We really took for granted them living here. There is nothing like picking up the phone and calling your parents whenever you want or hopping in the car for a weekend visit. Now that we are all on iphones, it’s a bit easier with Facetime, just not easy on the data bill.

In April, some of our best friends moved to Australia. Super exciting for them, super sad for us. Charlene will always be one of the best friends I have ever had. For not knowing each other that long, her and our other two best friends really stepped up and got me through some really tough times. I just couldn’t have done it without them. One day we hope to make it to Oz to visit, but in the meantime, we wish them all the best with this new chapter in their lives.

Also from that side of the world, Johan’s brother and his wife came for a visit during May and June. They live even further than Australia, they live in New Zealand. A 10 hour time difference, and it takes about two days of travel to get here. They came for three weeks which was too short, but we’ll take it, as it was so great to see them. I don’t even remember the last time they were here. Their oldest boy was still just a little guy then. Last year they also had a baby, who we’ve clearly hadn’t met yet. All three of Johan and his brothers had babies last year. It was such a blessing to have us all together and see what a difference a few months makes in the development of babies and just to give them all big hugs.

Last week, Jake turned 1. One year’s old, can you believe it? Time flies by so quickly when you can measure it against kids. This has really been the most wonderful year of my life. God has really shown me that he has the best laid plans. Through all of the heart ache of the previous years, I have come out stronger and more appreciative than ever. I cannot wait to see what the rest of life holds for us.

A short rewind back to May, we met up with our favourite photographers for a family photoshoot. Which you all know I love. I knew that the photographers had just launched a new brand, AndStory, which was now only focusing on weddings, so I said a little prayer before reaching out to them. Thankfully, they agreed to help us!!

As with all of our family photos that AndStory has taken before, these are just as magical as ever. I love every last one of them, and I think there are about 200? These pictures perfectly capture the love our little family shares. The pure joy Ava stirs up from Jake, and the friendship that’s beginning to blossom between them. Absolute perfection.

Blair Family-1Blair Family-6 Blair Family-9 Blair Family-10 Blair Family-11 Blair Family-14 Blair Family-19 Blair Family-24 Blair Family-27 Blair Family-30 Blair Family-35 Blair Family-40 Blair Family-49 Blair Family-51 Blair Family-54 Blair Family-60 Blair Family-65 Blair Family-66 Blair Family-67 Blair Family-68 Blair Family-72 Blair Family-75 Blair Family-77 Blair Family-88 Blair Family-89 Blair Family-91 Blair Family-100 Blair Family-106 Blair Family-113 Blair Family-116 Blair Family-119 Blair Family-125 Blair Family-129 Blair Family-130


I am not going to promise I’ll be better at blogging, because I don’t like broken promises. However, I actually love Blairadise, and will try to do my best to keep it updated from here on out.

Have an awesome day!



6 thoughts on “The Scheepers – May 2015

  1. Everyday Nikki and I try to name all our blessings for the day. When I look at your photo’s that’s what comes to mind – blessings! You are truly blessed! And I’m so happy for you, because you deserve each and every one of these blessings.
    Thanks for having me in your blog. I feel blessed having you girls in my life even though I’m so far. Thanks for all the love and support!! Xxx

  2. Good luck choosing which pictures to frame. They are all perfection! Thanks for the blog post. Day-maker!!! Love your African guts.

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