Yesterday a friend’s Blackberry status said, “Everyone dies, not everyone lives.” The ironic part is, Johan’s grandfather, Oupa rather, passed away yesterday. At 92, this man had lived. He’d been a farmer most of his life in the Eastern Free States of South Africa, but he’d traveled the world, seen two World Wars and inventions like the telephone and first heart transplant, all things we take for granted.

I wrote about our last vist to Ouma and Oupa here, when Ouma had fallen and we went to visit her in the hospital. Only three short months ago and now Oupa is gone. I remember the day I first meet Oupa, at Johan’s cousin’s wedding. From across the lawn I heard a shout, “Where is that American girl? I want to talk some English to her!” I spent the next hour or so with him, hearing about his travels, telling him about my home. He flirted with me like you wouldn’t believe. At 89, he was still charming the ladies. 

I love how she is holding his hand – big tears!

My most vivid memory of Oupa is from our last visit. I wrote this in To Ouma We Go:

Ouma lay in her bed, thin, pale and weak. When she saw Oupa she started crying, she had thought he was dead. Lying in the hospital is making her lose her mind a bit. Oupa touched her face and told her she was silly, he wasn’t going anywhere. I thought I saw tears in his eyes. He probably won’t go anywhere. He will loose her, before she looses him. As I watched them interact with each other my heart swelled up. 

She is still in the rehabilitation centre and he was at the nursing home. Fortunately, she has gotten better. Unfortunately, we lost him to pneumonia. When Johan’s Uncle broke the news to her, he said it’s like she already knew. I think she did. 

Everyone dies, not everyone lives. Johan, Ava and I have a lot of livin’ to do. 

Speakin’ of living, we’ve been super busy lately. Celebrating friend’s 30th birthdays on the Vaal River, baby showers, Ava turned 9 months, won her first gold medal at the school sports day and much more. Here’s a few pics of what we’ve been up to. 

The Vaal makes me miss Lake Wateree/Norman and the many, many good times had there.

Ava and her Oupa

Sports Day 2011 – Mommy and Ava, taking up the lead!

Ava trying to eat her first gold medal!

9 Months – YAY!

Loves her new pool!

~live life to the fullest~


Scratch that off the "Mommy Fail" list

It’s taken me five months to come to the realization that no matter how often I trim Ava’s nails or how short, she will inevitably scratch her face. And scratch it a lot. This week she has a scratch coming out of the corner of her eye. How she didn’t cause serious damage to her eye ball, I have no idea. But, I am officially taking face scratching off of the “Mommy Fail” list, as there is nothing I can do to prevent her from said bodily harm.

Yes, I said five months. Ava turns five months tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Last year at this time, the notion of being pregnant was only starting to sink in. My diet had changed to 95% crackers and 5% fruit. I could not stomach the idea of any meat and yearned only for sushi. And American fast food, of course. During my pregnancy I gained a total of 23 kgs, which is 50.7 lbs. Way over the recommended limit. I cannot imagine how fat I would have been if we lived in the US during my pregnancy. I’ve got 6 more kgs, 13.22 lbs to loose before I am back to my normal weight. With only two months until bathing suit season…

Yesterday my Aunt hosted a baby shower for my brother and his girlfriend, who is due in August. Missing special moments like these really make me miss home. But if we lived in America then we would have missed Johan’s nephew’s 1st birthday party this morning. Unfortunately, we will always be in a lose, lose situation.

Sometimes I day dream that Johan is American and his family all live in Charlotte. Or that I am South African and my grandmothers are only a few hours away. But then I guess we wouldn’t be the people we are. And maybe those people wouldn’t have fallen in love like we have. Life is all about tough choices and our toughest choice is being away from the ones we love. Right now it is mine and maybe one day, it’s his.

We got Ava’s mid-term report on Friday. The additional comments read:

Ava is ‘n baie oulike dogtertjie. Sy het gou aangepas en geniet die skool. Sy is ‘n plesier in die klas.

I know enough Afrikaans to understand what it says, but for those of you who don’t, Google’s translation is:

Ava is a very cute girl. She quickly adjusted and enjoys school. She is a joy in class.

So Google’s translation isn’t so great. Here is mine:

Ava is the cutest little girl in class. She has adapted well and is a pleasure to have in class.

Keep makin’ Mommy proud little one, so I can keep my “Mommy Fail” list short!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

The Birthday Boy and his Mommy

 Sweetie Pies, some chocolate log thingys, strawberries and white chocolate! Yum.

Again, Ava drank way too much and was the first to pass out at the party…

5 Months old! Yay for Ava! She is laying on top of one of my baby blankets, almost 29 years old…

Modeling is hard work, Mom…

 My mom and sister, along with her girls are coming to visit Ava and I next weekend. The Skipper will be out of town for work, so it is perfect timing. And we will get to celebrate Amanda’s 32nd birthday!! Man we are getting old! Well, she is.

Be on the look out for more pictures of beautiful babies coming next week!


Ava’s School Report

On the 24th of May, Ava’s school report read:
Ava het baie mooi aangepas en geniet die maaitgies baie. Sy drink haar bottel goed. Geniet die aand.
My translation:
Ava is the most wonderful kid we’ve ever had in class! All the other children just adore her! Everyday, she drinks all her milk like a good little girl. Have a good night.
Google’s translation:
Ava has adjusted very nicely and enjoys her friends a lot. She drinks her bottle well. Enjoy the evening. 

Either way you look at it, it is a pretty darn good report. Mommy is very proud that her little girl is adjusting to school. Still breaks my heart to say goodbye to her every morning, but at least I know she is happy. 

In other Ava news, she has found her voice!! And just like her Mommy, she likes to use it!! On Monday, when I went to school to pick her up, the moment she saw me she squealed! It was the moment I have been waiting for! Just a little recognition, but it went a long way. Melted my heart like a chocolate fountain. 
We all know our little ones love us, that their mom is number one. Well, deep down we do. That all the late nights and hectic diaper changes are appreciated… But until they show it, there is this incy wincy doubt that you just can’t shake. The moment they do, it is music to your ears. 
For a split second, you know, she loves you just as much as you love her.  

Here is the little Miss Ava, all dressed and ready for school. Sorry for the bad quality of photo, shot it with my mobile. I take one of her every morning, to help me get through the day. Such a happy baby. 
Thank you Aunt Natalie for the awesome shirt! And Aunt Sherrill for my Baby Gap skinny jeans. Johan said all the mom’s were ogling this morning, they’d never seen skinny jeans on a baby before.


I am proud to introduce,

Miss Isabella Jocina Hofmeyr
Born the 19th May, 2011 @ 13:00
3.08 kgs / 6 lbs 7 oz
Isabella Jocina Hofmeyr
Such a sweet baby!
Here she is wearing my favorite outfit of Ava’s newborn clothes. Look how big it is on her?!

Another beautiful girl, added to our clan of gorgeous women. Ava and Issy are going to be the best of friends, I can see it now!
As my friend Marissa always says, STAY BEAUTIFUL!


ps. I almost change the background of this blog like I change my underwear, everyday. Just bare with me. 🙂 This one is called Sweater Weather, which is what we are experiencing here in SA at the moment.