Lastest Web Obsessions

I’ve found some awesome new websites that are stealing all my attention these days.

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If I am not on my absolute new fav site Pinterest, you can find me on here:

Monkey and the Bug – she started following me on Twitter. Why? I don’t know either. So I investigated her and found her awesome blog and shop. One day I will buy something for Ava from there…

$30 from here

Through Monkey and the Bug I found out about Closet Visit. If I could be only 1% as fashionably cool as any of these people on this site, I would be 1000% times cooler than I am right now. How real and gorgeous is this site? Swoon.

Raquel Allegra’s closet – super jealous

I mentioned on my last Weekend Update that I’ve already started planning Ava’s 1st birthday. Well, I enlisted a little help from the professionals. At In Good Company, they offer The Good Plan. For R50, they design a party plan for you, right down to the menu you should serve. Best part, the R50 turns into a store credit at their lovely little shop. Why I haven’t put them on my blog roll yet, I am not sure. Super excited to see what owner, Julie, comes up with for Ava’s Under the Sea / Coral and Teal themed birthday party!

Their new store

Being Brazen is listed on my blog roll and I have mentioned her before here. My favorite segment, I guess you call it that, is her Local is Lekker or Local & Lovely. I LOVE, LOVE online shopping. Even if it’s just screen shopping. Get it, window shopping / screen shopping. Ha. BUT, my biggest issue is that South Africa hasn’t quite caught up with the whole online shopping thing. If you go to one of our biggest retailers, not to name names, but they are still pushing their Urban Arctic looks and it’s officially Spring Day here in SA. Hello, people?!?!?! What happen to fashion forward? Anyhooo, Being Brazen posts local online shops and products. Not to mention she has killer giveaways. What’s not to love? Check how her most recent post, Lovely & Local.
Local & Lovely

I should actually stop looking at Cool Mom Picks and following them on Twitter. They give me more depression, than joy.

A) proof I need more $$$ 
B) makes me miss home and all the US has to offer

Look at today’s post, swoon…

Last but not least, a NSFW (Not Safe For Work site), There’s a Lion Heart in our Bath Tub. Why is this site NSFW? You try to get through one of her posts without tearing up or laughing out loud. There’s a reason why she was just voted South Africa’s number 1 Mommy Blog by Kidz World

go here

Well folks, if your looking for me, there’s lots of places where you can find me. Facebook isn’t one of them. It’s so last week!
Lot’s of exciting things happening for the Scheeper’s this month. Keep a look out. 

Hello, My name is Blair and I am a internetaholic…

It all began back in the late 80’s when my parents brought home our first computer. I would spend hours on that thing. From Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo and Hero’s Quest, to Oregon Trail and Reader Rabbit, then on to Prodigy and AOL in the early 90’s. Before chat rooms were filled with freaks and serial killers, my friends and I would write, “two 13/f wanna chat?” The requests would pour in. Little did we know the dangers of giving your information out over the internet to strangers. Thankfully, nothing serious happened to us and the chat room craze faded, and I began surfing the internet. Still to this day, I could spend hours on end surfing the net, I am what you could call a internetaholic. I Googled it.
Most days I waste time with Stumbleupon. You fill out a questionnaire with your interests, then click Stumble! in the tool bar and poof, a random site is pulled up. My favorite Stumbleupon site I found, still to this day is Brillant. 

Have you seen Post Secret? New posts every Sunday. Love it and the community service he is doing.

I’m a huge fan of reading blogs. There are 11 I read daily, 5 of which are good friends. The thing I love most about blogs is that it’s real people, living real lives. Sometimes I am jealous of the fabulous lives these single girls are living, in awesome cities like Cape Town. Then I remember how awesome my little life is, married in Pretoria and I smile. Some are also 1st time moms, like myself. For example, The Rodrigues Family, sometimes I refer back to what little James was doing at say 5 months, just to give me an insight as to what I can look forward to with Ava. I just found Being Brazen today via i heart your outfit. Loving everything about it, the fashion and books, completely delightful.

Online giveaways and contests have easily gotten all my contact details, filling up my inbox with spam for years. Rarely, have I won but I keep on trying. Once I won a rainbow pack of Bic pens. They were pretty awesome and gave me hope for future contests. Recently, I registered Johan for a giveaway and can you believe, he won! Two pair of Paul Smith designer boxers, R350 ($50) a piece! He is so lucky, I swear. I hope one day my blog is cool enough that someone approaches me to do a giveaway or contest for them. One day…
Have you checked out Etsy yet? If not, you are really missing out. It’s the best place to find unique items and gifts. I just bought bibs with ties, a onesie (baby grow) with Mohammad Ali on it and monthly onesie stickers for my brother’s baby shower. Super cool. Love Ava’s monthly onesie stickers I bought on Etsy. My friend Jacy just opened a shop, lucylucybangbang. Super cute dish towels, bought some today. Also check out, My Child’s Hand, my friend’s 7 year old son’s shop. Buy a painting now, before he becomes famous! The good news about Etsy is that most shops will ship worldwide! For a price, of course.



My Child’s Hand


Billeevers Boutique

Skype is pretty much a life saver. Don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t chat to my friends and family back home. Even my grandmother knows how to use instant messaging. Spoke to the BFF for about an hour tonight. Such a nice way to end the weekend.

Can you imagine how scared I was the day I reached the end of the internet, here? It says:


You have reached the very last page of the Internet.

We hope you have enjoyed your browsing.

Now turn off your computer and go outside.

I honestly thought I had reached the end of the internet… My heart, was broken. I got up and went outside. Then it dawned on me, there was no way I could have reached the end of the internet, I hadn’t even been to sites in languages other than English! So, I went back inside, and began surfing some more. Jokes on you Mr. End of the Internet. Jokes on you.

The 4th of July party on the 9th turned out great. The weather was perfect for outdoor grilling, braai as they say here. I was even able to find red, white and blue striped napkins! We played some country tunes. Drank a few beers. Made a pound cake, with caramel icing and fresh strawberries. Over indulged myself like a true American. It was great.

We (I mean, Johan) finally installed Ava’s doorway jumper thing and she loves it! Honestly, the normal swing has nothing on this thing. Once we got it the right height, and she wasn’t leaning to one side about to be dumped onto the floor, she had a blast and mom could finally relax.

The picture says it all, sassy!

Gotta love the mismatched outfit kids wear at home when no one is looking.
Hopefully, this week she will sit up by herself long enough that we can snap a photo. I didn’t think she could get any cuter and she surprises me everyday. I freaking love this kid.

Friday night we are headed out to Joburg to watch the Parlotones concert with my work colleagues. I am so excited, I cannot wait!! I’ll be singing Remember When all week! Check them out.

Watch out week, here we come!