It’s Time…

It’s 9:27 in the evening and the Skipper and I are about to head to the hospital. I went to the doctor today and was dilated 2 centimeters. She told me to report back at 10:00 so they can start monitoring my progress. The below isn’t so pretty. Then again it is. We are two young people whose lives are about to change. Lover’s embarking on a new adventure. Best friends starting a family. It’s time…

The Girl Who Cried Baby

These days I cannot get Aesop’s fable, The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf out of my head. As a refresher, here it is:

Milo Winter

There was a boy tending the sheep who would continually go up to the embankment and shout, ‘Help, there’s a wolf!’ The farmers would all come running only to find out that what the boy said was not true. Then one day there really was a wolf but when the boy shouted, they didn’t believe him and no one came to his aid. The whole flock was eaten by the wolf.
The story shows that this is how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them.
As translated by Laura Gibbs

As the end of this 40 week adventure steadily approaches, I am becoming more and more aware of my body. As if I couldn’t. My belly has taken over! It has hidden my lady parts and toes from me! I can barely reach my computer or the steering wheel. I can’t even sneak past people without bumping them with my bump!

With every little cramp, back pain, or abnormal bathroom rendezvous (gross, I know) I get so excited and start thinking TODAY IS THE DAY. And with my big fat mouth I cannot help but share this all with Skip. And of course, Amanda.

So my problem, and probably every pregnant woman’s problem is, when can you tell if it’s the real thing or you are just “crying baby”? I want to share all these emotions and pains with my husband so he feels as involved with the pregnancy as much as possible. And what if she is on her way and I ignore all those pains? But, I don’t want to ruin this moment by becoming annoying and “crying baby” the next 24 or so days until she arrives.