Monday Blues

I woke up today with the Monday blues. Johan is out of town today, so this morning it was just me and Ava. Me, trying everything to get her to lay still so I can put on her clothes and then rushing about to get out of the house on time. I hate rushing about, as it never fails, I always forget something. This morning was a first, I managed not to forget a thing. But, I am down. What I would have given to spend the day with her?! It was a wonderful weekend, but it flew by so fast  and we were so busy, I feel like I didn’t get much time with Johan or Ava. One more day with them would have helped me avoid this funk.

And then, my grandma sends me an email about taking time to enjoy life and not working so much. Is it a sign from God? Should I quit work and stay home? Am I selfish to want adult interaction, to further my career and have more money rather then spend my days with my child? Why do I feel so guilty for working, when my mom did it and I am okay? Do dads also feel guilty for working? And why must I work? Why couldn’t I have been born rich like P. Hilton and just go galavanting around the globe with the hubs and baby?

On a serious note, I am starting to freak out as Ava is growing up so fast. I don’t want to miss out on anything and with a 40 hour work week, plus 10 hours of traffic I would much rather have that time with her. Ugh. The grass is always greener…

On a lighter note, our weekend was so, so very wonderful. It was filled with laughter, friends and most importantly, family. This past month, I’ve been working with my sister in law, Tria to plan a surprise party for our mother in law. Take note, OUR mother in law, as she is married to Johan’s oldest brother.

I am sure I have written about my in laws on here before, but honestly, I couldn’t have married into a more wonderful, loving and caring family than the Scheepers. All of them are so great, I thank God every day for them. If it wasn’t for these people, I don’t know how long I would have lasted in South Africa. From the moment I met them, they welcomed me into their family with open arms. I was treated like a daughter and a sister, not just some girl. They called and checked in on me. Invited me to dinner and really took an interest into who I was as a person.

The surprise party we planned for my MIL, is only a tiny token of appreciation for what she does for us, and our families. There were 40 people in attendance, from far and wide to celebrate my MIL’s upcoming 60th birthday. The women donned hats and the men suspenders. Everyone came dress up beautifully. A few of our cousins and friends helped us decorate and serve the food. 13 courses were served throughout the night and the wine flowed. It was a magical summer evening. And the best part, Ma was completely surprised!!

Working with Tria over this past month has been great. I know her well and we are quite close, but working together to pull this party off for Ma was so much fun. I have realized that we are more a like than I ever knew. I am so lucky to have her as a sister. She’s already been commissioned to work on the menu for Ava’s 1st birthday, just as long as she stays in the budget this time…

A few party pics:

My SIL and our gorgeous girls

love the whole family matching!! 

Big Surprise!


How gorgeous is my cousin and her baby?! 

My FIL and MIL can dance ya’ll!

We are family! – Sings cheesy song in her head… 

Love this one!

Where’s Charl?

Relaxing after a long day

~insert smiley face~

Love this little girl!