Well folks, there you have it. Ava has finally discovered her tongue!! 
That little tongue of hers gives me the giggles like you wouldn’t believe. 
Love it!!

On Friday’s post, which you can read here, I created a Bucket List for the weekend. I am quite surprised that we managed to accomplished all but one of the items on said list. Granted, there were only four, but still. If it weren’t for me writing this post last night, I could have probably read a few chapters of The Long Tail, but I’d rather be online clearing my head, then have my nose stuck in a book about economics.

The main item I wanted to tackle this weekend, was to learn how to properly use our new camera. I know it will definitely take longer than a weekend to fully understand the camera and the rules of photography. It would have helped if I had listened more during my photography class senior year of high school. The ISO, f-stop and shutter speed triangle thingy is still just as daunting as it was back then. 

Needless to say, I was messing around with the camera this weekend, that’s why most of the photos are blurry, overexposed and just plain bad. Shame. I did, however, learn about the functions of all the automatic and professional modes. Should be a professional within a month, tops! hehe. Maybe two months….

Our hike was a perfect example of photos gone wrong.

overexposed, but I like it.

Underexposed? I don’t know. Such a shame, it would have been such a nice shot.
not too bad… 

The rest were really bad, but I am learning.

One thing I didn’t mess up was the Seasonal Crunch I made, from the recipe I found in Notes From My Kitchen Table. DELICIOUS! And so simple, really. Made mine with strawberries.  

These pictures aren’t sooo bad…
I need my brother in law, Charl to give me a bit of guidance with the photography! His pics are amazing.

Still obsessing over Pinterest this week. I  haven’t had this much fun on a site since I opened my Facebook account four years ago. Look what I found yesterday:

Johan and I had the idea of putting a tree house in Ava’s room, long before we even came up with the idea of the tree. See Ava’s tree and bird houses here. This photo, is exactly what I had in mind and I want to start building it right away! Thankfully, Johan is the rational one. He says we can start next month… Will keep you posted. 

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Don’t forget, today is awesome.


Today is Awesome


I saw this print on Etsy’s Facebook page on Wednesday. The artist’s description says, “Today is awesome. Say it twice and you can feel it happening!”. 

It totally works! I’ve been repeating that mantra in my head all week and it completely changes my attitude. My smile is a bit brighter. My step, a bit lighter. These long, busy days at work, not so bad. Freezing weather, awesome.

Imagine if everyone repeated, Today is Awesome, twice a day? The world would be such a better place. Try it and let me know how it works!

Last weekend the Scheepers’ had a lazy weekend at home. It was nice, but not my normal cup of tea. Here is my Bucket List for the weekend ahead:

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  • Cook at least one dish from my new cookbook, Notes From My Kitchen Tablean awesome bday gift.
  • Take a hike – like a real hike, on a mountain or hill.
  • Learn how to use our new (bought in March) Nikon D3100 – so I can become a professional, not.
  • Read, at least to chapter 3, of Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail I want to sound more intelligent at my upcoming work event.