Things I Am Loving Right Now Part-1

Today is Voting Day here in SA, and in true SA fashion, a public holiday. It was only in 1994 that black people were allowed to vote, so today is actually quite a special day for many South Africans. And rightfully so. Unfortunately for me, I am not a citizen and therefore, not allowed to vote. But, at least I still got the day to spend with my family! So while the baby naps and the husband completes some chores, here’s a blog post to kill some time. A list of the things I am loving right now.

Have you heard Adele’s new cd 21? Amazing! I don’t really relate to the songs, as they are mostly about heartache and I’ve never been so happy or in love in all my life, than I am right now. What I am loving is how good my voice sounds when I sing her songs. Ha! I am serious. It is like they were written for me. Someone Like You is on repeat as I learn the words. Coming soon to a karaoke bar near you! Well, near me. Actually, I’ll probably just belt it out to myself in the car. Or to Amanda on BBM.

Ava’s got a new bird house! A big thanks to Mrs. Boger! She sent the house with Natalie and it was such a nice surprise. We are still pondering on how we will attach it to the wall, because we want all sides to be visible. Such a thoughtful gift!

Ava’s Ruby Slippers and Mommy’s

Little Ava is growing so fast and the best part is her new clothes!! Here are some of my favorite outfits she’s worn out of her 3-6 months clothes.

Thank you Mrs. Boger for my purple Polo dress!

Compliments of Aunt Stacy!

This is the first outfit I purchased for Ava. A Polo layette velour coverall. Precious.

 I read the Millennium series in less than two weeks, I was totally obsessed. We saw the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the theater and watched The Girl Who Played With Fire last night. Cannot wait to see the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. Will rent it this weekend. Hollywood has got nothing on these movies. I am also dying to see Water for Elephants and The Help (which isn’t even out yet).

Just started reading Hot Six by Janest Evanovich. Gotta love Stephanie Plum. Eagerly awaiting One For the Money movie release in 2012…

Do you Goop? I do. But only to torture myself.

Tomorrow Isabella arrives. Another girl added to our clan. We are extremely excited to meet her. I know her and Ava will be the best of friends. They are already sharing clothes! Will post pictures soon!


New Wardrobe

In preparation of going back to work, I have completed the weekly closet update that started as I gradually rounded out with Ava. Each week I try on my clothes to see what still fits and move what doesn’t to the back of the closet. Unfortunately, I am now at the point, or should I say size, that nothing fits. The maternity pants sag in the bootie and the part that goes over your belly makes me look fatter than I am. I have tried to stuff myself into my BA (before Ava) clothes and that’s just not happening. I’d make a perfect post for People of Walmart with my buttons ’bout to pop off. And that’s the few pants I can actually get over my thighs!

Thankfully the husband has given me the green light to do a little restocking. Mainly because it’s not appropriate for me to wear sweatpants to work, like it is to the grocery store and everywhere else I venture to these days. Seeing as all day shopping sprees just aren’t feasible with small babies, I have decided to make a shopping list before I hit the shops.

If you know me, I am not the most fashionable girl out there and would definitely not be voted best dressed. If I could wear a white tee shirt and jeans every day, I would. My closet now and always has consisted of mostly black and white items. I love to shop but I am not so good at buying. And I am always a year late on trends. But not this year. This year I am going to try and stay with the trends. I have a huge fear of turning into a boring mom, wearing “mom jeans” with baggy shirts. The bad news is I have Country Road tastes and Mr. Price pockets. Or for those in America, JCrew tastes with Old Navy pockets. Not that Mr. Price or Old Navy are bad, I just would rather have Country Road. Plus, I don’t have the patience for Mr. Price.

Here is what I’ll be looking for: A new pair of brown boots, they never go out of style. A red pair of loafers since red is “in” this year. Some gray pieces, since it’s also “in”, or so I’ve read. New jeans, a pair of black pants and a few shirts/sweaters. Yes people, your teacher lied to you, it gets cold in Africa.

Below are some outfits I found online. I would just die to have all these outfits, but will only spoil myself with one or two (or five) of the items below. Oh Country Road and Trenery, how I love thee!

I love this cardigan. With a belt? Cute!
Black wool pants. Must have.
Red corduroys, need I say more?
The boot I was looking for, but think I must have all of it… How fun is this outfit? Would love to rock this out to a good live show. Drink a few good beers. Relax a bit.
Something gray and awesome!
This outfit looks comfortable and sophisticated. When does that happen?

A girl can dream, right??

The girls walking on the wooden floor are from Trenery. The girls on cement Country Road.

*Update: Just returned from Menlyn (the mall), and the story of my South African life: none of these in my size or they are completely out of stock. This always happens to me here, especially with candy. If I like it, they take if off the market… Will try Woodlands on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

Whilst organizing my closet, I also decided to discard the items that I no longer wear. Only to make my case to the Skipper that much stronger. All ladies know the argument, “I have nothing to wear!”. The mother, and then years later the husband, “Then what’s all that?”. We all know we won’t wear it but A) it has sentimental value or mostly likely B) you just feel better when it looks like you have more clothes in your closet. For example, this lovely Piggly Wiggly tee shirt that is 6 years old. I just couldn’t give it away. Thanks to a suggestion by my friend Tracy, it will now become apart of a tee shirt quilt along with many other too good to throw away, but not good enough to wear shirts.

I’m Big on the Pig!

Ava’s waving bye, bye!

Seeing as I don’t have an iphone and am so jealous of everyone with one and the program. My same dear friend Tracy has a few photos for me. This one is my favorite. Thanks Tracy!

Bye, bye!