A Scheepers’ HOLIDAY Update

The best thing about South Africa is our public holidays. And well, Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the men… Hello?!?! My sister and I both married one. 🙂

Back to the holidays… Since the 15th of December I have been on vacation and will only return to work on the 3rd of January. The 3rd, not the 2nd.

So, today is day is the forth day of my leave. What have I done in these days of luxury you ask? Let’s start with Friday. FRIDAY, we met a few friends for a little Secret Santa party at Toni’s. They have a wonderful play area for the kids. Thankfully mine is still stuck to me like glue and I can relax and not keep all eyes on the jungle gym.

Saturday brought on a serious case of summer cleaning, which Ava destroyed only moments later.

Sunday, grocery shopping and making yummy baby food with this book. Ava LOVES the chicken and broccoli. Add a little salt and pepper, minus puree and even I’d eat it!

There really isn’t anything other than breastfeeding that makes me feel more momly than pureeing food for my child.

Well except for…

MOMMY FAIL NUMBER (I don’t even know how many…) Ava fell off the bed and got a scrape on her nose. Insert heartbreak.

Monday, even though I am on HOLIDAY and the most of South Africa as well, I offered to forward all work calls to my cell phone. Number of calls during a week – MAYBE 5. Monday = 5 wrong numbers. Which = 1 super annoyed employee.

Number of shops Ava and mommy went to, 5!

Oh my, almost forgot, Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Loved that day.

I took my mom’s dress from this:

To this:
A few favorites…

Not cheesecake, a cake made out of cheese!

My BFF making grown men cry!

Tuesday, swimming at Ouma’s and Oupa’s. YES, I feel more comfortable in a one piece these days.

OMW, I am a mom in a one piece!

and she is one happy baby!

 Then a bit of shopping.

Funny, I use to enjoy shopping. I use to dream about being a SAHM (stay at home mom). Both those days are long forgotten. Running in and out of a store, people do that? However, I was really proud of Ava. Out of the bazillion kids in the first store we went to, Ava was the only one NOT crying. I was so scared, I left without buying a thing and it wasn’t even a toy store!!

On the way to store number 2, she fell asleep. I really toyed with the idea of just leaving her in the car. KIDDING!! REALLY KIDDING!! I am just the mom that wakes her kid up to go shopping. Bought nothing again at store 2.

Store 3, thought to myself again, should I take out the pram? No, it will only be a few minutes. Thank goodness, as the store I wanted to go to was on level 1 (okay American peeps, floor 1 is where you start, floor 2 is one up, right? Here not the same, anywho…) The elevator was broken, so with Ava in tow I braved the one flight of stairs and it worked out! Found the corks I was looking for. Corks for her Message in a Bottle 1sr birthday invitations. Which I made today…

One thing I LOVE is iced coffee, especially on a warm summer’s (apostrophe because summer owns days!) day. A Gooooogle search lead me to an all time favorite site, with a now all time favorite recipe, The Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee. Delicious!

Saving the hubby money on iced coffee this summer, he would say priceless, me? Maybe 400 Rands?

Wait, what day is today?

Things I Am Loving Right Now Part-1

Today is Voting Day here in SA, and in true SA fashion, a public holiday. It was only in 1994 that black people were allowed to vote, so today is actually quite a special day for many South Africans. And rightfully so. Unfortunately for me, I am not a citizen and therefore, not allowed to vote. But, at least I still got the day to spend with my family! So while the baby naps and the husband completes some chores, here’s a blog post to kill some time. A list of the things I am loving right now.

Have you heard Adele’s new cd 21? Amazing! I don’t really relate to the songs, as they are mostly about heartache and I’ve never been so happy or in love in all my life, than I am right now. What I am loving is how good my voice sounds when I sing her songs. Ha! I am serious. It is like they were written for me. Someone Like You is on repeat as I learn the words. Coming soon to a karaoke bar near you! Well, near me. Actually, I’ll probably just belt it out to myself in the car. Or to Amanda on BBM.

Ava’s got a new bird house! A big thanks to Mrs. Boger! She sent the house with Natalie and it was such a nice surprise. We are still pondering on how we will attach it to the wall, because we want all sides to be visible. Such a thoughtful gift!

Ava’s Ruby Slippers and Mommy’s

Little Ava is growing so fast and the best part is her new clothes!! Here are some of my favorite outfits she’s worn out of her 3-6 months clothes.

Thank you Mrs. Boger for my purple Polo dress!

Compliments of Aunt Stacy!

This is the first outfit I purchased for Ava. A Polo layette velour coverall. Precious.

 I read the Millennium series in less than two weeks, I was totally obsessed. We saw the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the theater and watched The Girl Who Played With Fire last night. Cannot wait to see the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. Will rent it this weekend. Hollywood has got nothing on these movies. I am also dying to see Water for Elephants and The Help (which isn’t even out yet).

Just started reading Hot Six by Janest Evanovich. Gotta love Stephanie Plum. Eagerly awaiting One For the Money movie release in 2012…

Do you Goop? I do. But only to torture myself.

Tomorrow Isabella arrives. Another girl added to our clan. We are extremely excited to meet her. I know her and Ava will be the best of friends. They are already sharing clothes! Will post pictures soon!


Easter Sunday

What better way is there to spend Easter than with your family, marveling at God’s amazing handy work?

Skip, Ava and I, along with my parents and brother spent Easter Sunday driving along the Panorama Route, in Mpumalanga, a province here in South Africa. I don’t have many words for what we saw. And I promise the pictures below don’t do the area any justice. You will just have to come visit us and see for yourself. Absolutely amazing.

Good morning sunshine! 

Uncle Jimmy

The boys stocking up on some biltong for the trip. 

My super hot husband!

Grandpa and Grandma doing what they do best, shopping!!

Mac-Mac Falls

Ava and her Grandma

“Whatchu lookin’ at Willis?” 

Our little family!

The Pinnacle  

God’s Window

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

She loves to look at her daddy.

Almost home!

My big brother is in town for the next two weeks. I told the Skipper I feel like a vulture every time someone lands from America. I circle around their suitcase like a vulture waiting to feast on it’s meal. When Natalie was here, it was the same. Surprise gifts from friends and family. Lots of clothes and books for Ava. Toys and sunglasses. A new bird house. And like always, an awesome care package from Stacy. Who knew you could get so excited over plastic cups? With Jimmy, our new “fancy” camera and my double Medela pump! Thank you Medela for giving me back a mere 30 minutes of my life, here and there. A pair of Rainbows! Can’t buy those here in SA and we can’t live without them.  Plus eye contacts for a year! Pays to know the doctor personally.

More importantly than the gifts, of course, is having Jim here. His energy is invigorating and his humor and wit, delightful. It’s a shame we live so far away. But we’ve made a pack to get all the cousins together for vacations. I wonder what Ava’s accent will sound like? Southern American like her mom or Southern Africa like her dad? Will little Lucien think she sounds funny? Will he sound funny to her? I like day dreaming about them playing together, along with Della Mae and Isabella. Bailey will be hanging with the adults of course, I mean, she’s more mature than some of us…

This beautiful country, my gorgeous Ava, the love I share with my husband, and bond I have with my family is all proof of God’s grace. And for that, I am the utmost grateful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I cannot believe we have already arrived at March. Skip started working a desk job again on Monday. It’s been so nice having him work from home this past month. He has been a HUGE help with Ava. I honestly think I am the luckiest girl in the world in marrying this man. He cooks, he cleans, helps with the baby and loves me for me! What more could a girl ask for?

Last week we took our first family vacation to Uvongo on the eastern coast of South Africa. It’s almost tropical there. I’ve never seen so much vegetation at the coast before. Absolutely beautiful. However, it’s much different than the Carolina coast. Rocks cover most of the coast line so you can only access the beach at certain places. The beach access by our house had a little cafe, outdoor showers and a pool. Which is all really nice, especially if you have small kids. Plus there was a shop to buy anything you may have forgotten. So smart. It was a shame they didn’t sell new born bathing suits. Or one that makes my post-preggie body look remotely close to my pre-preggie body.

The one thing the beach, actually South Africa as a whole, is missing is a proper ice cream shop. I know of one Häagen-Dazs shop in Sandton City. The few other ice cream shops only serve soft serve, prepackaged or frozen yogurt. That’s not what I want when I am craving ice cream. The Skipper says I am just another spoiled American when it comes to my demands for creamed ice. Well yes, I am proud to admit that I am. I like quality. Not strawberry ice cream the color of a pink highlighter. My wants are for vanilla ice cream with real strawberry chunks. And I am willing to pay top dollar for it. In October, I paid roughly $7 for a small bowl/cone thing while I was home. Chocolate, with Oreos and strawberry pieces. AMAZING. Definitely willing to pay R49 here for a small if it was quality ice cream.

Therefore, my new dream is to open a Cold Stone Creamery type shop here in SA. I mean their slogan isn’t The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience for nothing. Skip said no. He and I both know I will become fatter than a house if I own my own ice cream shop. He also said no to a Dylan’s Candy Bar. But a girl can dream right?

So I am screaming for proper ice cream! Guess I should just make some in the ice cream maker we got as a wedding gift… But who has time to do that?

To my defense, we have made French Silk Chocolate, Pecan, and Strawberry ice cream before. Plus a Passion Fruit frozen yogurt. It’s just so time consuming!! And that’s just me being a lazy American.

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from our vacation.

Feeding in the park. Thank goodness for being prepared with a bottle. Not yet secure enough to just whip out one of the girls and feed in public.

Love this one. She looks so beautiful in her Ralph Lauren romper.
Ava already knows what a wonderful father she has. Look at the way she looks up at him.
Blurry, but I think that’s what makes this photo great.

We found Oysters for cheaper than R18 a piece! How can Oysters be more expensive at the sea than in town??

The only photo of me on the beach or as close to the beach as I got. He should have blocked my belly, not my face.

The cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!

This guy has the life, an amazing Italian restaurant upstairs and his ocean front house downstairs with an herb and flower garden overlooking the ocean. Seriously, could life get any better?

Ava and I with my beautiful sister in law and her newest addition.

1st photo, the 1st day, on our 1st family vacation.

ps. Never ever try the Krusher ice cream at KFC. Just gross.