A Scheepers’ HOLIDAY Update

The best thing about South Africa is our public holidays. And well, Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the men… Hello?!?! My sister and I both married one. 🙂

Back to the holidays… Since the 15th of December I have been on vacation and will only return to work on the 3rd of January. The 3rd, not the 2nd.

So, today is day is the forth day of my leave. What have I done in these days of luxury you ask? Let’s start with Friday. FRIDAY, we met a few friends for a little Secret Santa party at Toni’s. They have a wonderful play area for the kids. Thankfully mine is still stuck to me like glue and I can relax and not keep all eyes on the jungle gym.

Saturday brought on a serious case of summer cleaning, which Ava destroyed only moments later.

Sunday, grocery shopping and making yummy baby food with this book. Ava LOVES the chicken and broccoli. Add a little salt and pepper, minus puree and even I’d eat it!

There really isn’t anything other than breastfeeding that makes me feel more momly than pureeing food for my child.

Well except for…

MOMMY FAIL NUMBER (I don’t even know how many…) Ava fell off the bed and got a scrape on her nose. Insert heartbreak.

Monday, even though I am on HOLIDAY and the most of South Africa as well, I offered to forward all work calls to my cell phone. Number of calls during a week – MAYBE 5. Monday = 5 wrong numbers. Which = 1 super annoyed employee.

Number of shops Ava and mommy went to, 5!

Oh my, almost forgot, Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Loved that day.

I took my mom’s dress from this:

To this:
A few favorites…

Not cheesecake, a cake made out of cheese!

My BFF making grown men cry!

Tuesday, swimming at Ouma’s and Oupa’s. YES, I feel more comfortable in a one piece these days.

OMW, I am a mom in a one piece!

and she is one happy baby!

 Then a bit of shopping.

Funny, I use to enjoy shopping. I use to dream about being a SAHM (stay at home mom). Both those days are long forgotten. Running in and out of a store, people do that? However, I was really proud of Ava. Out of the bazillion kids in the first store we went to, Ava was the only one NOT crying. I was so scared, I left without buying a thing and it wasn’t even a toy store!!

On the way to store number 2, she fell asleep. I really toyed with the idea of just leaving her in the car. KIDDING!! REALLY KIDDING!! I am just the mom that wakes her kid up to go shopping. Bought nothing again at store 2.

Store 3, thought to myself again, should I take out the pram? No, it will only be a few minutes. Thank goodness, as the store I wanted to go to was on level 1 (okay American peeps, floor 1 is where you start, floor 2 is one up, right? Here not the same, anywho…) The elevator was broken, so with Ava in tow I braved the one flight of stairs and it worked out! Found the corks I was looking for. Corks for her Message in a Bottle 1sr birthday invitations. Which I made today…

One thing I LOVE is iced coffee, especially on a warm summer’s (apostrophe because summer owns days!) day. A Gooooogle search lead me to an all time favorite site, with a now all time favorite recipe, The Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee. Delicious!

Saving the hubby money on iced coffee this summer, he would say priceless, me? Maybe 400 Rands?

Wait, what day is today?