The Gypsy Mama

I like to get lost on the internet. Weaving my way from from this site to that. Sometimes not even knowing how I ended up where I do. Tabs open further than the screen can hold. Sites full of different stories, stories from people I know, mostly of people I don’t but feel like I do. Images of people from far off lands or right door.

These days I am still in love with Pinterest and the beautiful inspiration I find there. Before the year ends, I have promised myself a craft weekend and plan to make something I have found there.

Today I found The Gypsy Mama, and I can actually trace my steps there. It started at Naptime Diaries with Jessie’s link to her new site, Sashes to the Merchants. A site that is geared more to the online business community side of selling really beautiful and creative things. From there, I was reminded about her partner at Sashes to the Mechants, Handmade Recess. A beautifully written blog, and she sells gorgeous handbags. See my favorite one here. Once I trust the South African mail system again, I will be buying this. Until then I will just have to swoon from afar. Handmade Recess posted remember, which then lead me to the The Gypsy Mama.

The Gypsy Mama host’s Five Minute Friday. Last week’s post was titled Remember. Five Minute Friday’s challenge you to stop, drop and write for five minutes, no editing allowed. Just be free. Think I’ll try it on Friday. Not sure if I will share it, but I’m gonna give it ago, see how it feels and what I come up with.

Here is what The Gypsy Mama  wrote:

It was strange to be unable to move when they pulled you out of me.
Strange not to have been tired and sweaty from the pushing. Instead I was laid out like a plank – these legs of mine numb to the baby girl crying across the room. But my heart. My heart poured out of my eyes and my arms ached with the empty anticipation of meeting you hand to hand, fingers to flesh.
Hungry eyes waited and feasted on that small flailing fist waving at me from the scale a million miles away.
But when your angry face was wrpped up in that cocoon of warm blankets the journey began. They walked you over to me and my world as I knew it bust apart, to meet you my daughter. My tiny made-in-the-image of me woman child.
Flesh of my flesh and heart of my heart they laid you cheek to cheek with me and despite the epidural I danced.
Every iota of me danced to meet you.
So beautiful and exactly how I felt when I gave birth to Ava, yet would never be able to put it so eloquently. She’s now moved on to the blog list. 
I am so ready for December holiday, it’s not even funny…
My little pumpkin pie this morning, hogging the bed like she does.

Trying to break out the back door.

I love photos of her sleeping in the car.
Babysitting the fam this weekend. 
Let the party planning begin!

Web Obsessions II

Have I told you about my new obsession with Polyvore? I’ve heard of it before, but only started playing around with it last week or so because they were hosting a giveaway. Well now, I am totally addicted. Polyvore = paper dolls for grown-ups. It is amazing, even for those of us who don’t have any sense of style. You can follow me here. After Ava is in bed, you can either find me on Polyvore or Pinterest.

My first Polyvore – Hello Winter

Inspired tonight by my blues yesterday – Summer Concert Material
Holla –Mango Competiton – I know I won’t win, but it’s fun to play

I need these items – Fall Concert Material

Whenever I am looking for a gift for someone, I head over to Etsy first to get ideas. I would much rather give a handmade gift than a mass produced thing of a sorts. Sometimes mass produced is the only option, but if I can help it, I try to go to Etsy.

Seeing as Christmas is coming up I spend lots of time screen shopping there. So it’s no wonder I found two items for myself….Well, for Ava.

I have mentioned Jessi over at Naptime Diaries loads of times, but not sure if I have mentioned her Etsy Shop. Today, I made my first purchase there, an Advent Calendar. The thing I miss most about home and growing up in the South is all of our traditions. From 4th of July to Memorial day and Christmas Day. Most families have their own special tradition for each and every holiday. I cannot think of one tradition they have here in South Africa. So, it is my responsibility to create our own Scheepers’ traditions. I bought this gorgeous advent calendar even though Ava may be to small to participate, we will always know, the advent calendar came from her 1st Christmas.

Buy yours here.

Not sure where I came across this print, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It will fit perfectly in Ava’s room. Hopefully, the print arrives at my sister’s house in time for my mom to bring it back from the states. If not, we will have to brave the South African postal service…

Buy yours here

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. Look at what I found this weekend. I will actually make this, well Johan, will actually make this for Ava… Super awesome, uh?

follow me here

Working on Johan’s PC is killing me. I NEED my MAC! I should probably just go to sleep now…Wait,  let me just check Pinterest one more time, I’d hate to miss out on something fabulous.


naptime diaries: sashes, she puts her big girl pants on

This is exactly what I needed today. Really….

naptime diaries: sashes, she puts her big girl pants on: But the point is, don’t fret so much over the size of your plate, but know what the Lord has put on it. Is He calling you to zone in on your family for a while? To minister to the lost around you? Has he put a small business on your plate? A dream? A struggle?

Look at it, ask Him. Don’t compare it. It’s your plate. For you, from Him.
And then read Proverbs 31:17.