New Diet

Yesterday I decided, that today, I am going to start a new diet. Mainly for my own well being, not to lose weight. Breastfeeding is taking care of that.

You have heard of this diet. Everyone knows about THIS diet. Moms put their kids on this diet. Dentists highly recommend this diet.

What’s the diet you ask? The No Sugar Diet. Cutting out soda, EASY. I rarely crave them. Cutting out candy and sweets? WHAT? I don’t know how I will survive.

However, I feel the time has come to separate myself from my addiction. If you know me, you will know, this diet thing is going to be pure torture as I have no self control. I might become mean and have severe withdrawal systems! No candy? Zero sugar? Do people really live life this way? Will keep you posted on my progress. I never actually been on a diet…

This weekend the fam and I are headed to the Free State to visit with Johan’s family. His grandmother fell and broke her hip last weekend and things aren’t looking too good. Makes me sad to think we are only going now. Makes me really wish I was closer to my grandmothers. December 2012 is quite some time away. A lot can happen and they both HAVE to meet Ava.

The Free State is an extremely cold area, but I am looking forward to visiting with family. We don’t visit with them enough.

I am so excited about next Friday night. I honestly cannot wait! My friend Charlene has organized a fantastic date night for a group of our friends. Dinner and drinks at the new Lynnwood Bridge centre and then on to the Atterbury Theater to watch Barry Hilton, a South African comic. Saw him last December and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. In my defense, I was 8 months pregnant. This will be our first date night since having Ava. I think we are a bit overdue.

As with any outing, I feel like I have nothing to wear!! To the shops I must go!! If, I can ever find the time…

Here is what I spent last night dreaming about wearing next Friday:

This is so me, if I had a real budget for clothes.

How fun is this outfit? I can totally see me in this, especially with my new hair cut.

You have to go here see this dress up close. 

This outfit is boarder line want/NEED.

I have a work event coming up on the 3rd of August. Check it out here. Would love to have a new outfit for that as well. Something like this:

So me.

Man, I wish I owned this.

I think those are my legs! Where is my credit for this picture???

Oh NET-A-PORTER you are my champagne dream, yet I only have beer pockets… I found all these dresses and I didn’t even make it past page 3!

Update: Just now, I went to the refrigerator for a water, inside was a shiny red can screaming, DRINK ME… So I did, then I grabbed a KitKat and ate all of it. Guess I’ll have to start the new diet tomorrow. 


ps: I changed the background, again, back to the 1st background I ever had. It makes me happy and feels like spring. Spring is in the air. Well, with a bit of wishful thinking.