Weekend Update

The Scheeper’s have been very busy this weekend despite both Skip and I being sick with colds. 

Friday night was a bite hectic. I got stuck in traffic on the way home from work, turning my hour drive into almost two hours. Johan called about 30 minutes into my drive, to tell me that Ava had already finished our last standby bottle and was still hungry. Fifteen minutes later, Johan calls again, Ava is screaming now, she is starving. In come my tears. Big Mommy fail.

I was going ZERO, the guy in front of me was going ZERO and from what I could see, there were miles and miles of people sitting at ZERO. The radio said there was a serious accident ahead of me. What was I supposed to do? What could I do?

Having a ton of back up bottles is much easier said than done. If our timing is off by even 5 minutes, we have to use a bottle. I am not afraid to sit in a public bathroom and feed her, or in the car, but that is not always an option and bottles get used. I try to pump as much as I can on the weekends. But if we are busy, there is no time for me to pump. So here I am, again on Sunday, pumping away trying to get four bottles for tomorrow. Insert little guy pulling out his hair, that’s me…

 Saturday, the best day of the weekend, always passes by so quickly. Too quickly for my liking. Our Saturday, like every day of the week, started at 6am. We then bathed the family and spent the day in Joburg! Woo hoo! The Skipper never wants to go to Joburg and I love it there.

Before heading to Joburg, we first took Ava for her 16 week immunization. I wanted Johan to come with so I wouldn’t have to experience her heart wrenching cry on my own. Would you believe Ava took it like a champ? There were maybe three tears shed. Not the blood curdling screams of the last two visits. Nope, little Miss Ava sucked it up and took it like a champ in front of her daddy. I was astonished. Johan should definitely take her to get her shots from now on.

Our next stop was my new office. At the moment, the designers are busy with the layout so it’s just a blank canvas, but it is beautiful. The top floor of the building, with windows all around. You can almost see to Pretoria from up there. The new office will definitely make going into work much more enjoyable.


Ever since Hooters opened in Joburg, Johan has been dying to go. So we went. Saturday, I was the lady with the baby in a bar. Ha. It actually wasn’t that bad considering we were there at noon. Don’t get me wrong, dudes were already there getting their drink on, but there is no smoking allowed inside, so I didn’t feel so bad. I just kept reminding Ava, mommy and daddy will pay for college, she doesn’t need to worry about getting a job at Hooter’s. Shame.

Johan was a bit disappointed by the food. What we don’t get is, if they would pay so much money for the franchise rights, why wouldn’t they copy the menu, or at least the recipe for the wing sauce? Nothing is the same, other than the decor. The dressings pretty much tasted like watered down versions of the real thing. Minus the chunks of blue cheese. Don’t get me wrong. The food isn’t bad, it tastes quite good. It just doesn’t taste like Hooters. (American’s, I know, there are a million better places to eat chicken wings than Hooters, we just don’t have that luxury here in SA.)

Since we were so close, we stopped in Monte Casino and checked out Skoobs. Skoobs is by far my favorite book store in South Africa. I wish I had a picture to post, or they had a website. It is, a little slice of heaven. Imagine a children’s section with the most beautiful books and little hiding places to spark the little ones imagination. A lounge that serves wine and champagne. A philosophy section with a Zen garden. A putting green, in the sports section. A coffee shop, fish tanks and a cooking section you would not believe. Absolutely wonderful. I could spend days on end there. Thankfully the husband gave me an hour. It was one magical hour.

We then headed to the main event, Willie and Elzaan’s going away party. Two of our best friends are moving to London for a year. Man, am I jealous. Johan and I would love to go there for a year or two. Anyway, the party was so much fun. I love our Joburg friends and wished we got to see them more often. The theme of the party was SA vs England. The costumes were hilarious. Normally, I love dressing up, but seeing as we had so many errands to run I didn’t feel like trotting all over town in some crazy get up. So the Scheepers were the lame ones at the party. Amy Whinehouse was there, Catherine and Pippa, the Queen, a maid, a bunch of boers and safari hunters. It was great.

Our life has definitely changed. Instead of being the last to leave, we are now the first. My beer has turned into Sprite, and at 6pm, the Scheepers headed home. At 7:30, we were all curled up in bed watching movies. And I couldn’t have been happier.

Today, we witnessed a friend’s baby get dedicated to the Lord. It was so beautiful and really warmed our hearts. For friends to include you in something so special, really means a lot. Everyone wants to get invited to the party, but it’s the intimate gatherings that are important. I look forward to watching Ava and Nanindi grow up together and become friends. 

The last stop of the weekend was at the in-laws. I, unlike many other people, love my in-laws. I really can’t say it enough. A) They made my husband the amazing man he is, and B) they have always made me feel so welcome and like their real daughter, not just the girl who married their son. For that, I am truly thankful. Then there is the brother in-laws and their families. My niece Keira is learning English and likes to tell me that I am beautiful. Might be the only few words she knows in English, but I just can’t get enough of it. Today, when we were leaving, she ran up to the car and kissed me goodbye. Maybe 6 times, back and forth. So sweet.

And here we are, Sunday night. Ava has over slept her feeding time by two hours. Why can’t she do that during the night?? Maybe she will sleep all the way through until 6? Doubt it. I actually want to wake her up and play with her. Get as much Ava time as possible this weekend.

Last but not least…

AVA IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! And getting cuter every day…

When a wet wipe just won’t do and the bath is too much, you go to the sink. I didn’t think she would out grow the sink so soon, but it looks like any day now…

Going to do a little screen shopping while I wait for Miss Ava to wake up. Have a good week.

Happy Memorial Day. Thanks to all of the troops who fight for freedom!


Day Dreaming

Friday nights just aren’t the same when you are pregnant. Getting dressed up is no longer fun. If I pull my hair back, my face looks fat. If I leave it down, my face looks fat. Clothes that fit last week are a bit too tight this week. And you can kiss the high heels goodbye. I always try them. They take me all the way to the front door before they are off.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade being pregnant for anything. Nor would I trade being married to be single again. Well, unless it was for one night only and I could get all dolled up and go out and hit on my hot husband (before he was my hot husband) all night. Give him the eyes across the room until one of us has the nerve to come greet the other. Oh the game playing. Fun.

But let’s just say for one moment, I wasn’t pregnant and the Skipper and I had one night to go out on the town and eat and drink the night away. Where would we go and what would we do? Seeing that this is Blairadise and my day dream then we would…

Get all dressed up to the nines. Me, wearing this fabulous dress from Roberto Cavalli:

Python-print one-shoulder dress

Just kidding, I couldn’t even rock this dress in my day dream. But it’s fabulous, no? You would find me in something more like this, from Anthro:

Work-In-Progress Dress

With these amazing sandals:

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Flynn’ Sandal

And of course, I would never leave home without my Tory Burch clutch:

The Skipper would be looking as handsome as always wearing this get up from Banana Republic:
Banana Republic
I am proud to say he is WAY hotter then the model they chose to sport this outfit. Maybe I should let them know…

We would then hop into MY Rover and be on our way…

2011 Range Rover Sport HSE

I thought about this for a while. Sometimes I am quite torn between my love for the Southern US of A and good ole sunny SA. So where would I want to go on a Friday night with the love of my life? I think I’d stay right here in SA and force the Skipper to take me to Joburg. The city of dreams. Well, the city of this day dream. And in wanting to add a little tiny bit of reality to this scenario, I chose Joburg…
We’d meet up with a few friends for dinner in Sandton or Rosebank? Maybe Melrose Arch? Hell, let’s go all out and eat at The Grillhouse, Sandton. During the World Cup you could have spotted Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio grubbing together with some friend. I would have freaked out. Tonight, lets say we spot Brad and Angie and give them a little wave. It is a night without kiddies, yall.
The waiter is coming back and forth to our table with bottles of Springfield Wild Yeast Chardonnay and platters of fresh oysters and Springbok carpaccio. Chicken livers for dear Skippy-poo. Then it’s onto fillets cooked medium-rare to perfection and bottles of Luddite Shiraz. We would finish the evening off with Malva pudding and nice wake me up espressos.  
Then the Skipper and I will hop back into the Rover and head home to Pretoria. Where we will crawl into bed and sleep the entire night without interruptions or countless pillows stuffed between legs, behind backs, squeezed between arms, shoved anywhere that may, just may, make sleeping possible. 
Oh what a night!